About Us

A Universal Problem.

Brad & Kevin spent years in communications and entertainment systems industries installing thousands of gadgets, gizmos & technology services intended to make customer’s lives better… All this technology was impressive and helpful in it’s own right, but too often failed to make lives simpler on it’s own.

A Simple Approach.

So in 2009, Kevin Kallstrom and Brad Fieker founded a home systems company called ‘Kazar’ with one purpose: ‘To improve lifestyles through entertainment, comfort, safety & convenience’. Today, Kazar prides itself on designing and building whole-home control and automation systems that are tailored to their clients needs and desires, instead of conforming to technology. From audio, video, lighting and home automation, Kazar offers the ability to manage every system with a single remote, tablet or smart phone.

Tailored for you.

For us, the difference is in the design. Like a well tailor suit, your home system should fit your lifestyle; move with you; and complement your tastes. Working with a wide range of budgets, in 1,500 – 10,000 ft² homes, we can create a tailored solution for you. Call us today for a Free In-Home Consultation.

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