Comfort – Lighting Control, HVAC & More

Comfortable is no longer an adjective to describe your couch.

We believe that comfort should be a continual experience that follows you; from the moment you wake up – to the moment you go to sleep.

At Kazar, we design automation systems focused on comfort and tailored to meet your personal tastes. Comfort is no longer confined by zones, switches and settings; it’s seamless throughout the home.

From personalized lighting and shading to automated climates, Kazar can design an integrated system that meets your typical comfort level or that can adjust based on event, time of day or even by occupant.

To start designing your automated system centered on comfort, contact us for a Free In-Home Consultation!

Integration of Comfort Systems

Kazar can integrate practically any environmental comfort component into a home control system, including:

  • Lighting & Shading
  • Heating & Air Systems
  • Fire & Water Features
  • And much more.

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