Why Kazar?

A Universal Problem

Kevin Kallastrom, Kazar’s CEO, spent years in communications and entertainment systems industries installing thousands of gadgets, gizmos, and technology services intended to make customer’s lives better. The technology was impressive and helpful, but it often failed to make lives simpler.

A Simple Approach

Kevin knew there had to be a better way so, in 2009, he launched the home systems company ‘Kazar’ in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He had one mission: improve lifestyles through entertainment, comfort, safety, and convenience.

Today, Kazar is proud to carry top-of-the-line products for custom systems in homes and businesses in and around the Tulsa community. Whether audio, video, or lighting control, Kazar enables users to manage every system with a single remote, tablet, or smartphone.

Tailored for you

Our knowledgeable staff ensures each system meets our customers’ needs thanks to portable controls and features that complement all preferences and lifestyles. 

We work with a range of budgets and building sizes to create tailored solutions. Call us today for a Free In-Home Consultation.